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One Fine Stooge

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One Fine Stooge: Larry Fine’s Frizzy Life In Pictures

Editorial Review of One Fine Stooge: Larry Fine’s Frizzy Life In Pictures courtesy of

 One Fine Stooge, the life story of Larry Fine — the original frizzy-haired member of the classic comedy team – reveals the charming and poignant life of the famed comedian who took a beating for more than four decades. Behind the comic mask that he wore most of his adult years as a Stooge – on stage, in films, television, cartoons, and in every facet of entertainment – was a life filled with fame and fortune, but also with bad luck and tragedy. This tumultuous trip through decades in show business is based on Larry Fine’s own memoirs, featuring the late comedian’s private memorabilia collection – now published for the first time – providing an unparalleled visual history of the most prolific comedy team in entertainment annals.

Like them or not, the Three Stooges are an institution of American comedy, popular icons of the greatest renown. This is their story as revealed by Larry Fine in his own words, augmented by fascinating anecdotes from family members and co-workers.

From the Inside Flap of One Fine Stooge – Larry Fine’s Frizzy Life in Pictures

The Three Stooges defied nearly every law of show business there was. In a career that spanned forty years, they made more than two hundred films, entertained generations of fans, and ultimately became an integral part of American popular culture. “One Fine Stooge,” the poignant life story of Larry Fine offers a behind the scenes look at these manic high priests of low comedy.

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Discovered and dusted off thirty years after Larry Fine’s death, his personal notes, clippings, interviews, and career memorabilia provide a portrait of his life and the lives of the other Stooges. The result is an unparalleled visual history of the most prolific comedy trio in entertainment annals.

From the Back Cover of One Fine Stooge – Larry Fine’s Frizzy Life in Pictures

“The Three Stooges committed one hundred thousand percent. Brilliance. Lightning struck for what they were doing.” –Bob Saget
“Larry is possibly the most skilled and most eccentric of the Stooges.” –Penn Jilette

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Steve Cox is the author of more than a dozen popular books on film and television, including The Munchkins of OzHere’s Johnny!The Abbott & Costello Story, and It’s a Wonderful Life: A Memory Book.
Jim Terry is a producer, entrepreneur, and author. Both lives in the Los Angeles area.

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