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All Gummed Up

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All Gummed Up (1947) starring the Three Stooges – Moe, Larry, Shemp

All Gummed Up has the Three Stooges (Moe HowardLarry FineShemp Howard) as inept druggists. They’re running their own drug store, only to have their landlord, Mr. Flint (played by Stooges regular Emil Sitka in old age makeup) breaking their lease! Since he can make more money from a different tenant. 

As he’s preparing to throw the Stooges out, his wife (played by Stooges regular, Christine McIntyre, also in old age makeup) enters. And Flint kicks her out as well, for being too old!  Moe, Larry, and Curly try to help the old woman by creating a medicine that will make her young again …. And after a comical scene of the Stooges mixing up their potion (“the mortar, the merrier!” I love their mixing it in an old rubber boot, as well). And incredibly enough, it works!  The young Christine throws away her cane and shawl, and tears off the bottom several inches of her dress. Only to have the wolves in the Stooges come out and howl.

Her husband returns, and is shocked at her youth. He offers the Three Stooges the mortgage to the building if they’ll only make him young again, too!  They agree, and make up another batch. Only this works too well, and turns the stingy Mr. Flint into an angry infant, who chases the Stooges!  Frankly, if the film had ended there, it would have been one of their better short films from the Shemp era. But instead the ending is padded out … They make a marshmallow cake to celebrate. Then they mix up bubble gum for the marshmallows.  It’s a weak ending, to an overall enjoyable Three Stooges short film.  All Gummed Up is available on DVD as part of The Three Stooges Collection, Vol. 5: 1946-1948

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Funny movie quotes from All Gummed Up

Moe Howard: It’s tremendous!
Larry Fine: It’s colossal!
Shemp Howard: It’s putrid!

Shemp Howard: Ow, why did you hit me with the pestle?
Moe Howard: Your lucky I didn’t hit you with the mortar.
Larry Fine: Ha Ha Ha! The mortar the merrier!
Moe Howard: Quiet!

Larry Fine: [at the table eating marshmallow cake, which was inadvertently made with bubble gum, instead ] What do you call this cake?
Mrs. Cerina Flint (Christine McIntyre): Marshmallow Jumbo.
Larry Fine: [whispering to Moe] Tastes more like Marshmallow Gumbo.

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