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From Nurse to Worse

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From Nurse to Worse (1940) starring Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Vernon Dent

In From Nurse to Worse, the Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard) are inept painters who run into their old friend Jerry, an insurance salesman (Lynton Brent). Jerry entices them to engage in insurance fraud — he promises them that if they take out a policy on Curly, proving that he has gone insane, they can collect $500 a month.

Shortly afterward, Moe and Larry bring Curly on a leash to the office of Dr. D. Lerious (Vernon Dent). Curly’s pretending to be a hound is so over the top that the doctor declares he must operate — immediately! The Three Stooges flee, and hide out in the back of a dog catcher’s truck and are soon infested with fleas. Dr. Lerious eventually catches up with the Stooges, and Curly is sent straight to the operating room.

Eventually, the Three Stooges make their escape on a hospital gurney propelled by a sheet used as a sail — and knock their “pal” Jerry into wet cement!

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Trivia for From Nurse to Worse

  • The footage of the Stooges sailing through the city streets was lifted from Dizzy Doctors.
  • The voice on the police scanner is Moe’s.
  • The song on the dog-catcher’s radio is the same one that Curly was yodeling to on Nutty But Nice.

Funny movie quotes from From Nurse to Worse

Curly: That’s my favorite dollar!
Moe: What do you mean your favorite dollar?
Curly: I raised it from a cent, now cut it out!

Moe: [to Curly] Come on, Hydrophobia.

[the Three Stooges are hiding on a stretcher under a blanket in the morgue. Two orderlies enter the room and see what they believe are cadavers]
Orderly: [to younger orderly] Move these bodies to the crematory.
Orderly: Yes sir, the crematory.
Curly: Crematory?
[younger orderly listens with shock]
Moe: Boy that’s a real hot foot!
Larry: Let’s get outta here!
[the Stooges throw the blanket off and run off, prompting the younger orderly to scream in fear]

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