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Have Rocket, Will Travel song lyrics

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Have Rocket, Will Travel song lyrics – by George Duning, Stanley Styne, sung by Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Joe Derita in the movie of the same name

The race for space has just begun,
The race to reach the moon and sun,
And we’ve got half the battle run,
Have rocket, will travel.

While Uncle Sam is looking hard,
There’s genius in his own backyard,
It says here on our calling card,
Have rocket, will travel

Our rocket ship is one they casted off,
Just a dud that never blasted off,
That’s the reason passed it to us.

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You may think that we’ve gone mad,
We know we have but is that bad?
So let’s repair the launching pad,
I say …

Have Rocket, Will Travel, away!

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