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Oil’s Well That Ends Well

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Oil’s Well That Ends Well (1958) starring the Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Joe Besser)

Oil’s Well That Ends Well is a remake of “Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise“. The basic story has Moe, Larry, and Joe as brothers, who need to raise money for their father’s operation. So they go to find uranium on their father’s claim – but strike oil instead.


Oil’s Well That Ends Well is a typical Joe Besser Three Stooges short. It’s a remake of a much funnier short. However, I actually don’t blame Besser. There are some funny bits. Oddly, Larry is a lot more aggressive than normal.

Comedy highlights

  • After Larry tries to do an eye poke to Moe, Moe “teaches” him the right way!
  • First Larry (then Moe) milking a cow.
  • Joe throwing away a broken stick of dynamite since it’s no good — only to have it explode behind him off screen.
  • Following the rule of three, Joe nearly sits on the dynamite plunger twice – only to finally sit on it and finally explode it.
  • Joe falls off the bunk bed and gets stuck in Moe’s pajama bottoms.

Cast of characters


  • The only Stooges short that does not contain any supporting actors.
  • Although it’s usually regarded as a remake, its technically an original story. The closing sequence reuses scenes from the earlier film..

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