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The Three Stooges: Lost Comedy Treasures

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 The Three Stooges: Lost Comedy Treasures (2001)

So what, exactly, are the Three Stooges’ lost comedy treasures?  A compilation of little-seen Three Stooges bits from various television appearances, TV commercials, movie trailers and clips from movies that the Three Stooges appeared in that aren’t easily found. The Steve Allen Show appearances, all by themselves, are hilarious and worth the cost of the DVD.

Three Stooges TV appearances

  • The Operation sketch (The Steve Allen Show Jan. 11, 1959)
  • The Stand In sketch (The Steve Allen Show Feb. 22, 1959)

Three Stooges movie trailers

Three Stooges Commercials

  • Arthritis Foundation Public Service Announcement
  • Simoniz Car Wax
  • Dickie Work Pants

Three Stooges Movie Clips

  • Danny Thomas Meets the Comics
  • Hollywood on Parade
  • Nertsery Rhymes (Curly’s first film appearance as a stooge, with Ted Healy)
  • Plane Nuts (Ted Healy and his stooges, Moe, Larry, Curly)
  • Jerks of All Trades (pilot for a Three Stooges TV series, with Moe, Larry and Shemp)
  • Swing Parade of 1946

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