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A Merry Mix-up

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A Merry Mix-Up (1958) is the story of 3 pairs of identical stooge triplets, all played by the Stooges (Moe Howard,, Larry Fine, Joe Besser)

In A Merry Mix-Up, each of the Stooges (Moe, Larry, Shemp) are triplets – a total of nine altogether. During World War II, each set of Stooges (Moe, Larry, Joe under different names) served in three different branches of the service. One set are confirmed bachelors, one set is happily married, and the last set is getting engaged on the same day. And each trio has lost track of the others during the war.

The comedy chaos happens when the different trios are mistaken for each other, confusing the wives and girlfriends.

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  • Nanette Bordeaux’s final film. She had died prior to it’s release.
  • A remake of Laurel and Hardy’s Our Relations (1936)
  • The shot of all nine brothers together is a triple exposure, achieved by photographing the Stooges three times in different positions. Larry, not known to have interest in the technical aspect of filmmaking, pointed out to the director an error made in preparing the shot. An expensive retake was thus avoided.

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