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Don’t Throw That Knife!

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In Don’t Throw That Knife, Moe, Larry, & Shemp are census takers, who ask a married lady innocent questions, and annoy the jealous husband!

Don’t Throw That Knife (1951) starring Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Shemp Howard, Jean Willes, Dick Curtis

In Don’t Throw That Knife, Moe, Larry, and Shemp are census takers. Who make the mistake of asking a married lady (Jean Willes) some innocent questions, and breaking some the couple’s vaudeville props. They’re magicians, complete with magic mirrors. And the husband (Dick Curtis) is insanely jealous … and a knife thrower!

Census takers and their first customers

Jealous Husband

Don’t Throw That Knife!


Funny movie quotes from Don’t Throw That Knife!

[Opening scene caption] Any resemblance between the Three Stooges and regular human beings is a dirty shame.

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Moe: Remember, we’re census takers, not ordinary idiots.

Moe: Larry you play part of the husband of the house, you play his wife.
Shemp: Oh, no I wouldn’t be his wife.
Larry: Why not?
Shemp: You’re not my type.

Moe: [Shemp and Larry are pretending to be a couple] Good morning what is your name please?
Shemp: Shempena Howard.
Moe: Well married or single?
Shemp: Married and this is my husband, the rat.
Larry: Cut it out.
Moe: Tell me Sir, have you any children?
Larry: [Larry counts his fingers] No children.
Moe: Where were you born, madam?
Shemp: In the hospital.
Moe: Hospital?
Shemp: Yes, I wanted to be near my mother.

Shemp: Money shrinks.
Moe: So do you, every time you’re near a bathtub.

Larry: What does your husband do?
Lucy Wyckoff: He’s an expert in legerdemain.
Larry: Legerdemain. Oh, a bookkeeper.
Lucy Wyckoff: No, he’s a prestidigitator.
Shemp: Oh, a pants presser?
Moe: Are you guys ignorant? Didn’t you hear the lady say? He presses refrigerators.
Shemp, Larry: Oh!
Lucy Wyckoff: No, no, no. We do an illusion act in vaudeville. He’s a magician. He makes things disappear.
Shemp: I got an uncle who can make things disappear.
Moe: Is he a magician?
Shemp: No, he’s a kleptomaniac.

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