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If a Body Meets a Body

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If a Body Meets a Body (1945) – Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Fred Kelsey, Theodore Lorch

If a Body Meets a Body is one of the Three Stooges true comedy classics, with a sad note.  In it, Curly Howard plays Curly Q. Link, living with his friends Moe and Larry in a ramshackle hut.  Moe and Larry are on the verge of throwing him out when they read in the newspaper that an eccentric millionaire has died, and the reading of the will commences once Curly Q. Link, the “missing link” is found.  In short order, Moe, Larry and Curly are on their way to the mansion.

To the Three Stooges’ surprise, a detective is awaiting them there.  It turns out that the uncle has not only died, but he has been murdered, and all of the relatives are suspects, and they will all be held there until the murderer is found.  Shortly after, the lawyer is murdered, and the will is missing.  Everyone is forced to stay the night, and the Stooges stay in the room where the uncle was murdered. 

Unfortunately for Curly, a parrot escapes his cage and walks into a skull (doesn’t everyone keep one in their bedroom?) and first scares them by walking around, and more so by flying around the room.  Pandemonium erupts, with the dead uncle’s corpse appearing and disappearing, much running in terror, etc. until the murderer is revealed, and Curly finds out that he inherits … 67 cents.

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A very funny Three Stooges short, and the first one in which the effects of Curly’s stroke is noticeable.  His energy level is notably reduced, although he clearly has moments where the “old Curly” shines through.

If a Body Meets a Body is available as part of the Three Stooges DVD collection, Three Stooges Collection volume 4.

Quotes from The Three Stooges’ If a Body Meets a Body

Larry (Larry Fine): [reading the want ads, looking for jobs] Here’s one. “Wanted: Gravediggers.”
Moe Pink (Moe Howard): No, no, too morbid.
Curly Q. Link (Curly Howard): Da morbid, da merrier! Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

Curly Q. Link (Curly Howard): You know my name is Curly Q. Link!
Larry Mink (Larry Fine): What’s the “Q” stand for? Quincy?
Curly Q. Link (Curly Howard): No.
Moe Pink (Moe Howard): Quentin?
Curly Q. Link (Curly Howard): No.
Moe Pink (Moe Howard): Well then, what?
Curly Q. Link (Curly Howard): Cuff.
Larry (Larry Fine): Oh, Cuff Link!

At the mansion

Moe Pink (Moe Howard): Blow out that candle.
Curly Q. Link (Curly Howard): Oh, no! Then it’ll be dark! I’m scared!
Moe Pink (Moe Howard): Blow out that candle or I’ll blow out your brain. Or a facsimile thereof.
Curly Q. Link (Curly Howard): Or a facsimile thereof … all right.

Curly Q. Link (Curly Howard): Pardon me, I …
Detective (Fred Kelsey): Who’re you?
Curly Q. Link (Curly Howard): [indignantly] I’m Curly Q. Link!
Detective (Fred Kelsey): Oh, you’re the missing Link!
Curly Q. Link (Curly Howard): No, I’m da found Link! Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

Curly Q. Link (Curly Howard): [reading his uncle’s will] “To my nephew, Curly Q. Link… “That’s me! “I leave a sum total of sixty-seven cents, net.”

Jerkington: [creepily] Goodnight, gentlemen. I hope you have a nice LONG sleep.
Moe Pink (Moe Howard): Thanks, Dracula.

Larry (Larry Fine): [about Curly’s soup] Smells like a dead horse!

Moe Pink (Moe Howard): Didn’t you say you were born in Oxford?
Curly Q. Link (Curly Howard): I can’t remember. I was born awfully young.

Larry (Larry Fine) [to Moe]: Why’d you hit me on the head?
Moe Pink (Moe Howard): I didn’t hit you on the head … yet! [hits Larry on the head]

Moe Pink (Moe Howard): Be like me, fellas, I ain’t scared.  But let’s get outta here!

Trivia about The Three Stooges’ If a Body Meets a Body

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