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Self-Made Maids [Three Stooges]

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Self-Made Maids (1950) starring the Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Shemp Howard)

It’s safe to say that Self-Made Maids is one of the more unusual Three Stooges short filmsMoe, Larry and Shemp play all of the roles in the film. The film begins with the (female) Stooges — “Moella”, “Larraine”, and “Shempetta” —  getting ready to have their portraits painted by the three “handsome” painters — which of course are Moe, Larry and Shemp.

After the expected slapstick in their studio, Moe, Larry and Shemp continue painting the portraits of their female counterparts — including flirting. After going back and forth, the Three Stooges are engaged to the three female Stooges — if only the girls’ father will approve. That leads into the conflict of the short film, however, since the girls’ father — played by Moe Howard — doesn’t like artists.  And when the boys appear to meet the girls’ father for the first time, it doesn’t go smoothly.

 After a needless clash in the hallway, the Stooges quickly discover that the “stranger” they assaulted is the girls’ father! Which of course leads to the expected chase, the Stooges being shot in the buttocks, turning the tables, etc. Eventually, all ends well, with the next generation in their crib … fighting over the milk!

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Quotes from Self-Made Maids

Moella: Mine is the handsome one … he has such a handsome head of skin!

Shemp: What’s that on your neck?
Larry: That’s a mole.
Shemp: That mole’s walking!

Moetta: [having sat on a knitting needle] I’m losing my mind!

Shemp: You ruined my cake! Why don’t you look where I’m going?
Moe/Father: Why don’t you go where you’re looking?

Trivia for Self-Made Maids

  • In an early scene with all Three Stooges in drag, as the three of them skip off to the doorway of a bedroom, Moe tripped and broke his ankle on camera. He dove out of camera range to save the shot.
  • Although The Three Stooges are billed as playing all the parts in this film, that is not the case. In the lobby scene, an uncredited Charlie Cross makes a brief appearance reading a newspaper.
  • Self-Made Maids is one of two Stooge films that does not have a supporting cast, the other being 1958’s Oil’s Well That Ends Well. The boys all play themselves, a second character in drag, and their children. Moe also plays the girls’ father, while Shemp and Larry appear briefly as a couple in a painting; thus each Stooge plays four parts.
  • Moe’s high heel slipped while skipping, resulting in a sprained ankle. Rather than ruining the take, Moe hopped into the next room to get out of the camera view. However, he tosses his purse in order to use both of his hands to break his fall onto the bed. Moe tripped over the bed, and hit his head on the bed leg, knocking him out. Moe arrived on the set the following day on crutches.

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