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Bedlam in Paradise

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Bedlam in Paradise (1955) starring the Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Shemp), Philip van Zandt, Vernon Dent

Bedlam in Paradise is a remake of Heavenly Daze. It’s one of the few remakes that’s superior to the original. The basic plot is the same: Shemp dreams that he’s died. Moe and Larry unwittingly having him swallow a mercury thermometer didn’t help! Not being fit for Heaven, he’s given a chance by “Uncle Mortimer” to return to Earth as a ghost and reform Moe and Larry. If he can do that, he’ll return to Heaven permanently.

Added scenes include:

Bedlam in Paradise begins with an opening prologue of Shemp as he dies in a rather comical fashion

Next, the devil, portrayed by Philip van Zandt, tempts Shemp with a beautiful she-demon (Sylvia Lewis as “Helen Blazes”)

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Philip van Zandt as the devil, Sylvia Lewis as Helen Blazes, in Bedlam in Paradise

Later, Philip van Zandt also tries to lead Moe and Larry astray on Earth as Mr. Heller.

Then, he gets whipped cream the face in the end. “Well that beats the devil!”

Philip van Zandt as the devil gets hit by whipped cream – “Well, that beats the devil”

Finally, despite the initial dying scene, the short ends the same. Shemp wakes up after having been smoking in bed. Though here Shemp gets pied in the face. Lastly, he writes a letter to their heavenly Uncle Mortimer.

Cast of characters

Additional Cast

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