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Monkey Businessmen

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Three Stooges short film Monkey Businessmen (1946) starring the Three Stooges – Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard

In Monkey Businessmen, the Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Curly), after being fired for gross incompetence as electricians, decide that they need a vacation.  Unfortunately, they decide to visit Mallard’s rest home, a crooked enterprise that exists to bilk their clients of every last penny.  (This is Kenneth MacDonald’s first appearance in a Three Stooges short film as the con man).  The Stooges soon realize this, and attempt to escape.  But after being pursued, beaning the male “nurses” with weights, pretending to be surgeons (and nearly operating on Curly), being locked in a steam room (and escaping as Curly chases a shapely nurse, culminating in one of the funniest moments in Stooge history, they vanquish the bad guys, and cure a rich hypochondriac.  Deciding after all that, that they need a vacation! A very funny short movie, and highly recommended.

Editorial review of Monkey Businessmen starring the Three Stooges – Moe, Larry, Curly –courtesy of

Monkey Businessmen€ (1946, number 92) concerns another phony establishment, this time a sanitarium, through which they are chased by the heavies for most of the film. Another item rare in this series is the actually believable acting of the tall, attractive nurse (Jean Donahue) as she seeks for words to announce the boys’ arrival at the sanitarium. The mayhem of the opening sequence in which the team tries to act as electricians is quintessential Stooging and good fun as such. —Frank Behrens

Funny movie quotes from Monkey Businessmen (1946) starring the Three Stooges – Moe, Larry, Curly

Ad: High Altitude, Low Prices. No matter what you got, you’ll lose it at Mallard’s.

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Moe: [seeing Larry crawling along the floor] I always knew he was a groundhog.

[Curly pulls a wad of cash out of an umbrella]
Moe: Money!  Moola! [to Curly] I accept your apology!
Larry: And you can come with us!

[Larry takes Curly’s temperature]
Moe: What’s it say?
Larry: 90 proof!

Male Nurse: Gentlemen?
Larry [looking around]: Who came in?

Male Nurse: What do you think you’re doin’?
Moe: Breathing!
Male Nurse: Well, cut it out! It ain’t on the schedule!

Moe: [to Larry] Dr. Windbag, I presume?
Larry: Well, blow me down!

Moe: He’s out like a light!  What did you give him?
Curly: [holding a mallet and a black bottle] Ether!
Moe: Ether?
Curly: Either the mallet or the bottle!

Moe: We’ll fool that guy!  We’ll cut through your skull so fast, he won’t know the difference!
Curly: But what about me?
Moe: You won’t know the difference either.

Curly: What are you doing in there? [to Moe and Larry locked in the steam room] What are you so steamed up about?

Curly: [after chasing a shapely female nurse, only to be slapped and thrown threw a door, with a serving tray thrown through the hole in the door and hitting him on the head] I can take a hint!

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