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Stone Age Romeos

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Stone Age Romeos – a recycling of the Threee Stooges short film, “I’m a Monkey’s Uncle” with Moe, Larry, Shemp, Emil Sitka


That’s not a typo — Stone Age Romeos is more of a recycling of “I’m a Monkey’s Uncle” than a remake. More than half of this film is footage from the original, with new material bookending the original footage. In short, Moe, Larry, and Shemp are hired by Museum of Natural History director Emil Sitka to find proof that cavemen still exists. Our decrepit intrepid explorers go out, return with the footage, and are overheard by Emil that the whole thing’s a swindle by the Stooges, who shot the footage in Hollywood. He chases them out with a handgun, and the film ends with Emil accidentally shooting himself in the foot.


Stone Age Romeos suffers massively from being a recycled film. Having said that, some of the new footage is quite funny, although Larry storing string in his ear to keep the dust out is weird.

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Movie quotes

B. Bopper: To verify our theory would require the services of explorers who are indeed intrepid.
Shemp: That’s us, we’re decrepit.

Moe: Here’ s the last known location of the dinosaur
Larry: Ah, c’mon, she’s on television. I always watch Dinah Shore.

Cast of characters

Additional Cast

Trivia for Stone Age Romeos

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