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Stooges: the Men Behind the Mayhem

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 Stooges: the Men Behind the Mayhem, an A&E Biography, starring Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard

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So, was Larry Fine really the Keith Richards of the Three Stooges? That’s just one of the weighty assertions put forth in this thoughtful bio of the world’s greatest troupe of slapstick comedians. Aside from lovingly edited “greatest hits” moments, this A&E production also contains hardcore Stooge material documenting the troupe’s early years (under the name Ted Healy and his Stooges), as well as detailing the ever-changing Stooge membership. The video is impressive not only for its breadth of coverage, but also for its depth. Viewers are treated to an ultra-rare glimpse of the early Stooges performing on vaudeville as well as poignant home movies of an aged Curly. But it’s not all sugary praise and heart-tugging remembrance; the video points out that the Stooges appropriated much of their act from other performers and, during the early part of the career, weren’t really all that popular. Overall, The Three Stooges is a compelling work that puts a touchingly human face on characters most think of as simple, pie-throwing clowns. —S. Duda

Description of Stooges: the Men Behind the Mayhem

Originally airing on A&E’s Biography channel, this extensive documentary goes behind the scenes of the legendary comedy show THE THREE STOOGES. Over two hours of previously-unseen footage offers viewers an insightful look at the private lives of everyone’s favorite funnymen. Interviews with family and friends of the stars, outtakes, and backstage material help to paint a revealing portrait of the men who made up the hugely popular comic trio.

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