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The Three Stooges: Hey Moe! Hey Dad!

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The Three Stooges: Hey Moe! Hey Dad!

In short, The Three Stooges: Hey Moe! Hey Dad! is a documentary about the Three Stooges, focusing on Moe — which makes perfect sense since it’s created by Paul Howard, Moe’s son. There are 9 Three Stooges shorts on the 3 DVDs, with commentary by Paul — if that were all, it wouldn’t be anything spectacular. However, it also includes home movies, clips, etc. with commentary, building a coherent biography of all six of the Stooges.

It’s an affectionate biography of Moe, his brothers and Larry, and the extended “family”, with a lot of insight on what it was like to grow up in the shadow of the Stooges. It’s very sweet, and highly recommended. Available to watch on Tubi TV.


  • A Trio Grows in Brooklyn
    • In the 1890s, the sons of a strong-willed Jewish woman make their way on the streets of Brooklyn, where they learn about life and laughter.
  • A Stooge is Born
    • Brothers Moe and Shemp Howard join their pal, Larry Fine, to become The Three Stooges, which takes them from the stages of vaudeville to the heights of movie stardom, thought not without a cast change.
  • Slap Happy
    • Through the 1930s, the Stooges star in wildly popular movie shorts laden with slapstick; Curly’s off-screen adventures jeopardize the group’s success.
  • Eureka
    • As the group’s fame soars, Curly’s downward spiral becomes more evident, despite the Stooges’ packed schedule and talented team.
  • Good Night & Good Nyuk
    • Shemp rejoins the group, infusing their performance with new life; television’s popularity spreads and the Stooges are along for the ride.
  • Deja Vu All Over Again
    • Stooge Shemp rejoins the act, infusing new life in the knucklehead shtick. Television invades America’s living rooms and as the first of many generations discovers the boobs on the tube, The Three Stooges are catapulted back into the spotlight.
  • Bum’s Rush
    • A new face joins the Stooges as they leave Columbia Pictures; tensions grow in the Howard family as change looms yet again.
  • Curtain Call
    • Television brings the Stooges a new surge of popularity, leading them to work with Frank Sinatra, Ed Sullivan and other TV icons.
  • A Son Also Rises
    • The world says goodbye to Larry and Moe, but the Stooges’ legacy lives on as a new generation meets the comics on the Internet.

Editorial review of The Three Stooges: Hey Moe! Hey Dad! courtesy of

Only the very hardest of hearts could fail to warm to the gag-filled antics of The Three Stooges! As the world s most famous purveyors of slapstick comedy with the emphasis very much on the ”slap!” The Three Stooges occupy a special place in the memories of comic fans the world over. Many have tried to imitate the instinctive timing and chemistry that served them so well for so long, but none has come close. This Premium Megabook is packed with original trailers, commercials, cartoons and the feature film ”Africa Screams” on 6 hilarious DVDs all presented in a presentation book that is beautifully written and fully illustrated with rare photos. So sit back and get ready to enjoy the very best of Larry, Curly, Moe, Shemp and Curly Joe.

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