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Horsing Around

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Horsing Around is a sequel (of sorts) to Hoofs and Goofs. The Stooges’ sister is actually reincarnated as a horse, living with the boys. But they have to rescue her horse-husband from the circus!

Horsing Around (1957) starring the Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Joe Besser)

Horsing Around is a sequel (of sorts) to Hoofs and Goofs. Unlike the original, which was revealed to be a dream, here the Stooges’ sister is actually reincarnated as a horse, living with the boys — and her baby. But she’s looking for her missing mate. He’s the famous circus horse Schnapps — and he’s about to be euthanized!


In short, Horsing Around is a fairly funny Three Stooges short film. It’s not great, but it’s not terrible, either. It’s basically a sequel to the dream about their sister Birdie, reincarnated as a horse. Here, she’s given birth, and living with her brothers. But, she wants to be reunited with her mate, Schnapps, the famous circus horse. What she doesn’t know is that he’s injured his leg, and he’s about to be euthanized.

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Soon, the foursome are on their way to the circus, to rescue him. Larry gets a babysitter for the baby horse (which isn’t seen, which is a pity) and they rent a cart. It starts with Birdie pulling the cart and the Stooges, but she suffers from fallen arches! So, the Stooges pull the cart, while Birdie rides. They take a break in an abandoned cabin, until they hear about Schnapps’ upcoming euthanization! So, they’re off to the circus!

At the circus, the very near-sighted circus attendant (Emil Sitka) is given the sorry task of putting down Schnapps, which makes him very sad. What’s hilariously funny is just how near-sighted the character is — and how he puts one pair of glasses, on top of another, and another in a failing effort to see better. It’s one of the funniest bits of the short. He thinks Moe and Larry are horse thieves, and pursues them. While Joe rescues Schnapps, Moe & Larry put on a horse costume, and poor Emil tries to put them to sleep! Which comically fails, and everyone’s reunited for a happy ending.


Horsing Around is an above-average Joe Besser Three Stooges short. He even takes more slapstick comedy abuse than normal. It’s not one of their greatest shorts, but its enjoyable.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Cast of characters

Movie quotes

Moe: What’s the idea of spreading mashed potatoes on your bread, why don’t you use butter?
Joe: That’s fattening!


  • Sequel to “Hoofs and Goofs” (1957), even though that occurred in a dream.
  • Moe and Larry are wearing their “gentlemanly” haircuts.

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