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Idiots Deluxe

Idiots Deluxe (1945) starring the Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard)

Synopsis of Idiots Deluxe

Idiots Deluxe - Moe and Larry trap Curly with their gunsMoe Howard is on trial for assaulting Larry Fine and Curly Howard with an axe. Moe relates how Larry and Curly took Moe on a hunting trip to soothe his nerves. In the woods, Larry and Curly meet a bear, and manage to knock it out — thinking that it was dead, the Stooges put the bear in the back seat of the car as a trophy to take back. On the return trip, the bear regains consciousness, throws Moe out of the back seat, assaults Larry and Curly, and crashes the car into a tree. The Judge, played by Stooge regular Vernon Dent, dismisses the charges, and Moe grabs the nearest axe and chases after Larry and Curly again.

Funny movie quotes from Idiots Deluxe

Moe: If there’s anything I like better than honey and ketchup, it’s baloney and whip cream! And we haven’t got any.

Judge (Vernon Dent): Were you ever indicted?
Moe: Not since I was a baby, your honor.

Judge (Vernon Dent): Mr. Moe, you’re accused of assaulting your two roommates with intent to commit mayhem.
Curly: You mean murder!
Larry: Yeah, and he tried to kill us, too!

Moe: Quiet! Quiet!
[to a cat]
Moe: Quit stomping around! Scat!
[throws his ice pack at it, cat screeches]

Moe: [Curly accidentally spills spaghetti on him] You’re a nitwit, that’s what you are! What’s the matter with you?
Curly: Hey Moe, there’s a b-b-b-b-bear in the window.
Moe: You’re wacky. What do you mean a bear in the window? There’s no bear around here.
[Moe goes to the window and looks around; the bear growls and smacks him in the head]
Moe: Oh! Oh! Oh! You’re right. There is a bear around here.

[Curly is caught in bear trap, and Moe and Larry think the bear has got him]
Larry: Did you hear that? He’s got him. He’s got him.
Moe: You want the bear to eat him alive? Go out there and help him.
Larry: That bear don’t need no help.
Moe: What are you, a coward?
Larry: Yes.
Moe: Go on out and save him.
Larry: I’ll go, but my heart ain’t in it.

[Curly and Larry are unaware that there’s a bear in the backseat of their car. The bear hits Curly in the head]
Curly: HMMM! Cut it out!
Larry: Cut what out?
Curly: Don’t be cute!
[the bear hits Curly again]
[the bear hits Larry]
Larry: Oh! What’s the idea of hitting me?
Curly: I hit you because you hit me!
[brief pause]
Curly: I didn’t hit you!
Larry: Oh, yes you did. You hit me, but I didn’t hit you.
Curly: Oh, skip it!
[the bear hits Curly’s head on the side, cause his to bump into Larry’s]
Curly: See, you did it again! Ah – hey, how could you have hit me in the head with your hands on your lap?
Larry: Yeah!
Curly: What a dope I am!
Larry: I’ll say!
Curly: It was Moe all the time!
[Curly turns around]
Curly: Listen, I got –
[the bear growls]

One thought on “Idiots Deluxe

  1. Peter Renardo says:

    This was the last Stooges short before Curly suffered a mild stroke, as seen in the next short, If A Body Meets A Body.

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