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Introduction to the Three Stooges

The history and background of all six of the Three Stooges.

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Moe Howard

Moe Howard biography – the “boss” stooge of the Three Stooges, and the driving force behind the team.

I Stooged to Conquer: The Autobiography of the Leader of the Three Stooges - Moe Howard

Larry Fine

Biography of Larry Fine. Literally, the Stooge in the middle. In a real sense, the glue that held the act together.

Larry Fine concussed by barbells in Muscle Up a Little Closeer

Curly Howard

Biography of Curly Howard. The most zany, and most popular, of the third stooges in the act.

Curly Howard, plumbing himself in a shower, in the Three Stooges short film, A Plumbing We Will Go

Shemp Howard

Shemp Howard biography – the only one of the Stooges to have a successful career outside of the group.

Gypped in the Penthouse - Shemp being licked by a 'tiger'

Joe Besser

Joe Besser biography – the least liked of the third Stooges.

Joe Besser autographed photo

Curly Joe DeRita

Curly Joe DeRita biography. The final “official” Stooge, who replaced Joe Besser in the group, and went on to co-star in the feature films.

The Three Stooges (Larry, Curly Joe, Moe) in ancient Rome

Emil Sitka

Emil Sitka – the “fourth Stooge”, who nearly became an official Stooge after Larry’s death

Grumpy Emil Sitka in Hugs and Mugs

Christine McIntyre

Christine McIntyre – the very versatile actress with a lovely singing voice. She could play villain, hero, girl next door, or nearly anything else.

Christine McIntyre as one of the kidnappers in Who Done It?

Vernon Dent

Vernon Dent was the long-time co-star, customarily playing the authority figure. In real life, a close friend of Shemp’s as well.

Vernon Dent as King Rootentooten in Mummy's Dummies
Vernon Dent as King Rootentooten in Mummy’s Dummies

Bud Jamison

Bud Jamison was another frequent co-star, sometimes friend, other times antagonist.

Bud Jamison

Philip Van Zandt

Philip Van Zandt was a frequent antagonist to the Stooges

Philip van Zandt with the cork in his eye in Fuelin' Around

Nanette Bordeaux

Nanette Bordeaux had many appearances with the Stooges, either friend or antagonist, with a French accent.

Nanette Bordeaux in a publicity photo for the Three Stooges short film, Slaphappy Sleuths

Kenneth MacDonald

Kenneth MacDonald typically portrayed a villainous antagonist

Kenneth MacDonald in Cadets on Parade

Symona Boniface

Symona Boniface often played the part of a stodgy society matron, whose party was demolished by the Stooges.

Vagabond Loafers - Emil Sitka and Symona Boniface discuss their expensive new painting
Emil Sitka and Symona Boniface discuss their expensive new painting

Stanley Blystone

Stanley Blystone, character actor and authority figure who’s typically in conflict with the Stooges

Stanley Blystone

Dudley Dickerson

Dudley Dickerson, character actor who frequently appeared with the Stooges was one of the most recognizable African American character actors of his time

Dudley Dickerson (November 27, 1906 - September 23, 1968)

Ted Healy

Ted Healy is best remembered today for bringing together the actors who would form the Three Stooges in his act, Ted Healy and his Stooges

Ted Healy confronting the Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Curly)