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Swing Parade of 1946

The Three Stooges in Swing Parade of 1946 - Curly Howard, Moe Howard, Larry Fine
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The Three Stooges in Swing Parade of 1946

Technically, Swing Parade of 1946 isn’t a Three Stooges movie. Yes, the Three Stooges (Moe, Larry and Curly) are in the movie, and they appear as the Three Stooges. But they’re secondary characters. The main plot concerns a young nightclub owner whose father wants him to shut down the nightclub and run the family business instead.  However, the nightclub owner is determined to succeed, and even hires his pals the Three Stooges as waiters

Gale Storm, Moe Howard, and Phil Regan in "Swing Parade of 1946"

See?  They’re in here.  And they tend to steal every scene that they’re in). The father hires a down-on-her-luck young lady to deliver the legal papers to shut down the nightclub.  But instead she falls for the nightclub owner …. And eventually gets hired by him as a singer (this is a musical, after all).  And the conflict grows from there.

If you’re a fan of old-time musicals like I am, or a fan of the Stooges, it’s a film you’ll want to see.

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Editorial review of Swing Parade starring the Three Stooges, courtesy of

Three Stooges are at their bumbling, eye-poking, hair-pulling best in this warm, hilarious, musical romp! This time around “The Boys” must protect talented nightclub owner Danny Warren (Phil Regan) from the schemes of his powerful and overprotective father — who will go to any lengths to shut him down. Can Moe, Larry and Curly run the club, manage Danny’s budding love life, and avoid the wrath of Moose, their cantankerous boss?

Gale Storm in "Swing Time of 1946"

Future TV star Gale Storm (MY LITTLE MARGIE) plays an aspiring singer mistaken for a process server and thrown out of the nightclub owned by dashing Phil Regan, whose stuffy father disapproves of is son’s business venture. Perky Storm is seen to good advantage, as is Regan (a former New York cop who became a minor-league movie star), but the picture’s real stars are The Three Stooges, who steal the show with their slapstick turns as waiters. There isn’t much plot, but the comedy routines and sprightly tunes make this one well worth having.

Cast of characters


  • Caldonia
    • Written by Fleecie Moore
    • Performed by Louis Jordan & The Tympany Five
  • Oh, Brother
    • Written by Matty Malneck and Allie Wrubel
    • Sung by Gale Storm
  • On the Sunny Side of the Street
    • Music by Jimmy McHugh
    • Lyrics by Dorothy Fields
    • Sung by Gale Storm
  • Don’t Worry ‘Bout That Mule
    • Written by William Davis, Duke Groner, and Charles Stewart
    • Performed by Louis Jordan & The Tympany Five
  • A Tender Word Will Mend It All
    • Sung by Will Osborne and Mary Treen
  • Just a Little Fond Affection
    • Performed by Will Osborne and Mary Treen
  • Stormy Weather
    • Written by Ted Koehler and Harold Arlen
    • Performed by Connee Boswell
  • Small World
    • Sung by Phil Regan
  • After All This Time
    • Sung by Phil Regan and Gale Storm

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  1. Swing Parade of 1946 was filmed at the end of Curly’s career. He had suffered small strokes in the months before filming, and his actions were slower and his voice got deeper, but here he is more like his old self. I think they were all helping Curly’s health would improve, however seven months after filming Swing Parade Curly suffed the stroke that ended his career as a Stooge.

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