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He Cooked His Goose

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Shemp's turned the tables on Larry - literally, He Cooked His Goose
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In He Cooked His Goose, Larry is trying to steal Shemp’s fiancee, while secretly seeing Moe’s wife.  He decides to set the two of them at each other’s throats.  But the best laid plans of Mice and Stooges often go astray …

He Cooked His Goose (1952), starring the Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Shemp Howard)

Frankly, I’m not a big fan of He Cooked His Goose, although it has multiple funny moments. Its one of those Three Stooges comedies where the trio isn’t a team, but work against each other. The basic story has lecherous Larry chasing Shemp’s fiancée, Millie. She’s not interested, but Larry tries to plant the idea that Shemp’s being unfaithful to her.

The Set Up

Larry is trying to make time with Millie, despite her being engaged with Shemp. She’s clearly not interested, although she puts the flowers that Larry brought her in a vase. Shemp comes to call, reaches through the window, and grabs Larry’s flowers — which he then gives to Millie! And she’s delighted, even after Shemp accidentally soaks her poor dog with the water from the vase. Shemp goes to confront Larry, who lies and says he’s not interested in Millie — and, in a devious moment, sets Shemp up with a new job as a pajama salesman! His first client? Moe’s wife, Belle. Whom Larry’s cheating with, although Shemp doesn’t know that.

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The Frame Up

Moe also confronts Larry, although Larry lies his way out of it again. At Moe’s home, he’s decorating the Christmas tree, which falls on him, and he swallows the Christmas light bulbs! This allows the audience to see how Belle disrespects her husband. Later, after Moe’s left, Shem arrives to make his sales call. And when Belle requests it, he models the mens pajamas for her! According to Larry’s plan, who’s arranged for Moe — and Millie — to come by, and catch Shemp “cheating” with Belle.

Final Confrontation

The best-laid plans of mice and Larry go astray, however. Shemp manages to hide under a bearskin rug, from their scurry up the chimney, and come back down disguised as Santa Claus! Don’t ask where he got the costume …. But, after a moment, it’s a Stooge chase, and Santa Shemp runs into Larry in the hallway. He chases Larry into a broom closet, puts the Santa suit on Larry, and throws him into Moe’s apartment! Moe shoots Larry in the posterior, and himself in the foot, while Shemp watches his revenge play out from the safety of the hallway, ending the short film.

Funny movie quotes from He Cooked His Goose

Larry: I never saw your wife! I’m engaged to three beautiful girls!

Larry: I used to be a private detective, and as a favor to you, I’ll find this chiseler who’s trying to steal your Belle.
Moe: [getting enraged] Belle! How’d you know her name was Belle!

Belle: Would you mind modeling them for me?
Shemp: Anything to make a dishonest dollar!

Trivia for He Cooked His Goose

  • During filming, Moe and Shemp Howard received sad news that their brother Curly had passed away. Moe was planning to transfer him to another hospital before this happened.
  • Remade with Joe Besser as Triple Crossed

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