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Sing a Song of Six Pants

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Sing a Song of Six Pants lobby poster - The Stooges as tailors - they'll keep you in stitches!
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Sing a Song of Six Pants (1947) starring The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Shemp)

In Sing a Song of Six Pants, the Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Shemp Howard).  are running a tailor shop.  Ineptly, of course.  This leads to their equipment about to be repossessed by the Skin and Flint Finance Corporation. Over the radio, they hear the news that bank robber Terry “Slippery Fingered” Hargan is on the loose.  And a big reward is offered!

Larry notices something strange about the mannequin in their shop in Sing a Song of Six Pants
Larry notices something strange about the mannequin in their shop in Sing a Song of Six Pants

Hargan conveniently ducks into their shop as the officer (Vernon Dent) enters and leaves a suit with a safe combination in its pocket. After his girlfriend fails to retrieve the combination, Hargan returns with his henchmen, and a wild mêlée follows. The Stooges miss out on the reward but wind up with the crook’s bankroll to pay off their debts.

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Sing a Song of Sixpence” (1947, number 102) has the boys operating a tailor shop in which a criminal on the lam hides and poses as a tailor’s dummy while they strip him down to make a sale. There is the usual series of gags with the cleaning and pressing equipment, including the ray of sunlight on a garment that is mistaken for a spot.

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Funny movie quotes from Sing a Song of Six Pants

Pip Boys
Larry, Moe and Shemp
Unaccustomed Tailors

Larry: That is the toughest spot I ever tackled! [Larry tries getting the spot out, to no avail] Shemp, give me a hand here!
Shemp: I can’t now. I gotta finish my pants!

[Moe starts to read a letter addressed to them]
Moe: “Gentlemen…”
Shemp: That ain’t for us. We’re not gentlemen.
Moe: Speak for yourself. [knocks Shemp in the nose]

Shemp: [hearing a report of Hargan’s crime spree on the radio] Hey Moe, why don’t we capture Hargan and collect the reward? Then we can pay our bills. [Shemp taps his temple, smiling]
Moe: Oh, it’s as simple as all that. Hargan is gonna walk right in here and let you capture him. You’re nuts.
Moe: We’re going to be paupers. Paupers!
Shemp: Are you kidding? We’re not even married!
Moe: [pokes Shemp in the eyes] Why don’t you be quiet. Think!

[Shemp accidently hits Moe with a broom]
Shemp: Gee, I’m sorry, Moe.
Moe: Oh, think nothing of it.
Shemp: Gee, thanks, Moe.
Moe: You’re welcome. [grabs the broom and hits Shemp in the head with it]

The detective’s on Hargan’s trail

Shemp: [referring to the detective’s sport coat] Where did you ever get this mess?
Detective (Vernon Dent): I bought it here.
Shemp: Oh, what a beautiful mess-terpiece.

Shemp: It’s 200% wool.
Detective (Vernon Dent): 200%?
Shemp: These sheep led a double life!

Moe: [after they see the detective’s badge] Gee officer, we didn’t…
Detective (Vernon Dent): [Cutting him off] Quiet! You boys realize you just let Terry Hargan, the bank robber, slip right through my hands? [Turns to Shemp] I outta run you in!
Shemp: Please officer, I got six wives and two kids!

Terry Hargan was here?

Moe: T.H. I wonder what that means.
Shemp: Teddy Hoosevelt?
Moe: You’re wrong, quiz kid.
Larry: T.H. T.H. I got it! I got it!
Moe: What?
Larry: Thomas Hedison!
Moe: Why don’t you dumbbells stop?

Moe: Terry Hargen was here! The bank robber was here!
Shemp: You’re crazy. We got those clothes off one of the dummies. [warningly, wagging his finger] No cracks. [Moe bites Shemp’s finger]

Hargan’s Girlfriend: [to Shemp] Do you dye?
Moe: That’s his natural expression.
Hargan’s Girlfriend: I want to dye this dress.
Moe: What color?
Hargan’s Girlfriend: Henna color.
Shemp: Henna color at all?

Moe: [Larry accidentally takes a swig of the cleaning fluid he was using, and inadvertently spits it out on the back of Moe’s head. Moe walks over and put his left hand on the side of Larry’s head] Oh, a funny man. [slaps him with the right hand] What the matter with you?
Larry: [as Moe walks away] What did I do?

Hargan returns …

Terry ‘Slipperyfinger’ Hargan: [to Shemp] Alright, bub. Where’s that piece of paper that was in my pants pocket?
Shemp: You mean the one with the numbers on it?
Terry ‘Slipperyfinger’ Hargan: That’s it. That’s it.
Shemp: And the letters L-R-L-R-L-R-L?
Terry ‘Slipperyfinger’ Hargan: Yes! Yes! Where is it?
Shemp: [Quietly] I never saw it.

Moe: When do we get the reward?
Detective (Vernon Dent)I get the reward! But here’s some tickets to the policeman’s ball.

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