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Three times as hilarious in 3-D! The 3 Stooges in 3 dimensions in Spooks
Spooks! (1953) Three Stooges short film starring Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Shemp Howard, Philip Van Zandt Spooks! (1953) is a Three Stooges short film featuring Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Shemp Howard as three inept detectives who are hired to find Bea Bopper (Norma Randall), who has been kidnapped by mad scientist Dr. Jeckyl (Philip Van Zandt),...
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Fuelin’ Around

The getaway at the end of Fuelin' Around
Mistaken for a rocket scientist, Larry is kidnapped (along with Moe and Shemp) by agents of the hostile foreign nation of Anemia until they make "their" new rocket fuel - no fuelin' around!
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Studio Stoops

Studio Stoops - the Three Stooges, Shemp Howard, Moe Howard, Larry Fine
The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Shemp) are mistaken for publicity men by the head of B. O. Studios, and ordered to arrange publicity for the studio's newest starlet - so they plan on a faked kidnapping, which is overheard by real crooks who decide to kidnap Christine McIntyre for real!
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