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Baby Sitters Jitters

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Shemp practicing to be a baby sitter in "Baby Sitters Jitters"
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Baby Sitters Jitters (1951) starring Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Shemp Howard

In Baby Sitters Jitters, MoeLarry, and Shemp are forced to be babysitters in lieu of their overdue rent.  The Three Stooges are forced to watch Junior — the ultimate misbehaving child.  Until Junior is kidnapped by his estranged father!

Practicing to be baby sitters

Baby Sitters Jitters begins with Shemp, Moe, and Larry seemingly watching babies. Until they throw them into the air to each other! It turns out that they’re only practicing to be baby sitters, with their landlady’s daughter’s dolls. And the landlady comes in to take back her daughter’s dolls! But the Three Stooges explain that they’re studying to become baby sitters. And she knows someone who needs a baby sitter …

Three Stooges and a Baby

On their first job, Larry, Moe, and Shemp — and Mrs. Lloyd — are startled by …. Junior, in his crib, chewing on a pistol! And it’s not even the Three Stooges’ fault! Mrs. Lloyd assures them that it’s not loaded ….

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Until Moe discovers the hard way that it is, when Shemp parts his hair with a bullet! Shortly after, Junior is crying, so Shemp does a head stand to entertain him. But then it turns out that Shemp’s “borrowed” some of the Lloyd’s silverware! And Moe helps him dispose of it, hurting his foot when he kicks Shemp — not realizing that Shemp hid a platter in his pants! There’s a running joke that, each time Shemp stands on his head to entertain the baby, it’s revealed that he’s stolen something.

After some slapstick abuse of Shemp and Larry, they decide to eat. While Moe and Larry eat some fruit, Shemp goes into the kitchen to make some soup. But he “doesn’t read so good” and uses powdered soap instead of soup! Shemp quiets the crying baby again, and after some slapstick of Moe breaking a bottle over Shemp’s head, it’s time for the soup. More accurately, the soap! And the Stooges do their “blowing bubbles” routine.

Then Junior’s mother finally comes home about 3:00 a.m. but, although the Three Stooges are sound asleep — Junior’s missing! The likely culprit is the little boy’s father, so the Stooges go to his apartment and, after some slapstick, find Junior!

Searching for Junior

Once there, Junior’s father doesn’t want to give his son up, understandably enough. And Junior hits everyone on the foot with a hammer! What a sweet child …. But the Stooge are determined to return the child to his mother. Leading to Shemp’s patented dancing/boxing routine, where he punches himself. And Moe and Larry get flypaper in the face! But then Junior’s mother shows up, and the couple reconciles. The mother’s so happy, she’s crying. And to cheer her up, Junior imitates Shemp and stands on his head, ending the short film.

Stooge bits

  • Shemp dropping silverware from his sleeve and jacket. A running gag, as he keeps stealing things off camera.
  • Moe’s hair getting parted with a bullet
  • Moe and Larry opening peanuts and a banana respectively – to throw away the insides and eat the shell/peel!
  • Shemp putting soap mix instead of soup mix.
  • Blowing bubbles when drinking the ‘soup’.
  • Shemp’s attempt at boxing/dancing – where he punches himself!

Funny movie quotes from Baby Sitters Jitters

Joan Lloyd: That’s why Mrs. Crump sent three of you.
Larry: Uh huh. We work as a unit.
Shemp: Yeah, we’re Unitarians! [Moe hits him]

Moe: Eureka!
Shemp: You don’t smell so good, either! [Moe puts an apple on his forehead & smashes it]

Moe: You’re too much of an ignoramus.
Larry: Yeah, and that goes for my whole family too!

Moe: [discovering that Shemp’s stolen an alarm clock] What’s that?
Shemp: A clock.
Moe: What does a clock say?
Shemp: Tick-tick-tick-tick! [Moe hits him in the head with the clock]

Shemp: There’s a thousand reasons why I shouldn’t drink, but I can’t think of one right now.

Cast of characters

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