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A Missed Fortune

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A Missed Fortune title card
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A Missed Fortune is a re-working of a Curly short Healthy, Wealthy & Dumb. The Three Stooges live the high life on Shemp’s contest winnings. But, after taxes …

A Missed Fortune (1952) starring the Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Shemp)

Shemp is entering a radio contest for $10,000. He’s accidentally using maple syrup to seal his envelope, while Moe accidentally puts the glue on his pancakes!

“You idiot! That’s not syrup, that’s glue!”


Hey Shemp! Bring me something to clean my mouth! So, he brings a rag soaked in kerosene.

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Moe abusing Shemp in "A Missed Fortune"

Mystery Motor Jackpot Contest — After Moe stomps on his foot, Shemp shouts out “My bunion aches” which sounds like the car, the Bunion 8. And Shemp wins $50,000! So the Stooges move into the Hotel Costa Plente.

Hotel manager shows off the furnishings, starting with a Ming vase. “No wonder ming coats cost so much!”

After some slapstick, Larry’s taking a bath, while Shemp gets into the “top bunk” of the Henry VIII bed — which promptly collapses. The champagne arrives, while Larry’s still in the bathtub. And the three gold diggers pet monkey, Darwin, comes to visit.



  • The last Three Stooges short released during the lifetime of Curly Howard.
  • Stanley Blystone’s final Stooges short (not counting stock footage).
  • Contains footage from “Healthy, Wealthy, and Dumb“, the basis for this short.

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