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The Knife of the Party

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Shemp Howard in For Crimin' Out Loud
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The Knife of the Party (1934), starring Shemp Howard

In Knife of the Party Shemp Howard is the leader of a different group of Stooges (four instead of three) who have to work at a hotel to pay their bill.

Review of The Knife of the Party

The basic plot of The Knife of the Party is: vaudeville performers have been paid in vegetables instead of cash, and can’t pay their hotel bill. So, the hotel owner, a former actor, has them all work at his hotel to work off the bill.

That’s it. It’s short film (20 minutes or so), with a large cast of pretty girl singers, other folk, and Shemp Howard and his stooges. These aren’t, of course, the famous trio. Shemp is the head of the group, and he’s as funny as ever. The “four stooges” in this short film, however, are bland and interchangeable. They’ve no individual personalities, and just don’t play well.

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The Knife of the Party is short, Shemp’s moments are funny, and it’s not very memorable. Although I enjoyed Shemp’s golf routine. I watched it for free via Amazon Prime, and I’m grateful. I frankly wouldn’t have paid to see it. It’s also available on the DVD Collection Shemp Cocktail.

In the final analysis: The Knife of the Party is short, Shemp has some funny moments, and I’m glad that I saw it. I wouldn’t watch it again, however.

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