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Three Smart Saps [DVD collection]

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The Three Stooges - Three Smart Saps - DVD video - includes Three Arabian Nuts - Three Little Beers - Three Smart Saps - Three Dark Horses - Three Loan Wolves - starring Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Shemp Howard
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DVD review of The Three Stooges – Three Smart Saps starring Moe, Larry, Curly and Shemp

A collection of five (yes, not six, but only five) Three Stooges short films on DVD.  The films are:

Three Arabian Nuts (1951)

As owners of a storage company, the Stooges give customers an inferiority complex about their valuables. But when Shemp finds a lamp and conjures up a genie, it‘s not the irate customers they‘re worried about, it‘s the Arabian thieves who have come for the lamp.

Three Little Beers - the Three Stooges go golfing

Three Little Beers (1935)

When the Panther Brewing Co. excludes its three new delivery men from its annual golf tournament, the Stooges get really teed off and come up with a plan to gain entry, with an eye on winning the $100 first prize. Too bad they‘re as bad at golf as they are at delivering beer.

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Three Smart Saps (1942)

Three Smart Saps - Moe, Larry, Curly trying to get Curlys belt on

In an effort to help their fiancées’ father, a warden who has been overthrown by one of his convicts, the Stooges go undercover at the jail, which is now being run as a nightclub. When they successfully crash the party, they get the best reward of all: marriage to three lovely ladies.

Three Dark Horses (1952)

Shemp and Larry put to sleep by Moe's speech

It isn’t just politics as usual when the Stooges, working as janitors inside a presidential candidate‘s campaign headquarters, are recruited by the crooks in charge of the campaign. The balance of world power has never been so… well, unbalanced.

Three Loan Wolves (1946)

Climax of the fight in Three Loan Wolves, with the Three Stooges standing triumphant

Pawnbrokers Larry, Moe and Curly get more than they bargained for when a curvaceous con girl leaves them carrying the bag — which contains a baby boy, who now wants to know why he has three fathers!

Although I’m unhappy that Columbia has decided to decrease the number of Three Stooges shorts per DVD, it’s still some very good Three Stooges short films (the only ‘weak’ film in my opinion is Three Loan Wolves, but that’s a personal opinion), and I recommend it.

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