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Of Cash and Hash

Of Cash and Hash - the Three Stooges (Larry, Moe, Shemp) and Christine McIntyre outside the crooks' hideout
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Three Stooges short film Of Cash and Hash (1955) starring Moe, Larry, Shemp

Of Cash and Hash - the Three Stooges hiding in a garbage can

Of Cash and Hash is a remake of an earlier Three Stooges short, Shivering Sherlocks — and has the distinction of being one of the few remakes that is superior to the original.  The plot has Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Shemp Howard working at the Elite Cafe alongside their friend, Christine McIntyre.  On their way back from making a deposit at the bank, they are caught in a crossfire between bank robbers and the police.  The police wrongly assume them to be part of the gang of crooks.

Of Cash and Hash - the Three Stooges (Moe, Shemp, Larry) interrogated by Vernon Dent

Despite their protestations of innocence, the police chase them, with the Stooges trying to hide in garbage cans in a nearby alley – to no effect.  Taken to the police station, the boys are hooked up to a lie detector and grilled by the police captain (portrayed by Stooge regular Vernon Dent).  A very funny scene, as Moe tries to take advantage of the situation, ending with them grilling the police captain.

Back at the restaurant

Of Cash and Hash - the Three Stooges (Moe, Shemp, Larry) about to devastate the restaurant

Back at their restaurant, the Three Stooges run (or ruin, depending on your perspective) the cafe, with Moe as maitre de, Larry behind the counter, and Shemp as the cook.  Larry irritates their only customer into leaving, until the police captain comes in for a cup of coffee — or is that paint?  After he leaves one of the crooks comes in, but leaves when he’s recognized.  The Three Stooges and Christine follow the crook, ending up at a deserted house in the country.

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Of Cash and Hash - the Three Stooges (Larry, Moe, Shemp) and Christine McIntyre outside the crooks' hideout

Inside the deserted house, the crooks (led by Three Stooges regular Kenneth MacDonald) realize that the only witnesses are coming inside their hideout, and have a member of the gang, a monstrous fellow named “Angel” follow them with a large knife.  Typical Stooge antics ensue, with Christine being kidnapped, the Stooges playing cat and mouse with Angel (unintentionally ducking when he swings the cleaver, “Moe, is that you?” and letting Angel in the barricaded room, etc.).

It ends with Shemp as the hero of the day, dropping barrels on the crooks as they chase Moe and Larry through a doorway.  At the end, Shemp is so excited that he kissed Christine.  She likes it, enabling Shemp to kiss her several more times and get away with it.  A very good, and very funny ending to a very good Three Stooges short, recommended viewing.  I rate it a solid 4 clowns. Of Cash and Hash is available on DVD as part of The Three Stooges Collection volume 8.

Funny movie quotes from Of Cash and Hash (1955) starring the Three Stooges – Moe, Larry, Shemp

Police Captain (Vernon Dent): Who’s in that can?
Larry: Just garbage!

Larry: What kind of bird is that on the stool?
Moe: Must be a stool pigeon.

Larry: [placing order at the restaurant] Two fried eggs over easy! [customer leaves, Larry decides to eat the eggs himself] On those fried eggs, use the fresh ones this time!

Police Captain (Vernon Dent): [takes a sip of the coffee, spits it out]
Moe: Oh, you like it.
Police Captain (Vernon Dent): That tastes like paint!
Shemp: You’re crazy. [takes a sip] That is paint.  [takes a sip of the coffee] That’s the coffee. [puts it down, takes the cup of paint instead] This tastes better.

Larry: Haven’t I seen you someplace before?
Bank robber: I’ve never been there.

Moe: I tell you, he drove up to that deserted house.
Shemp: Deserted house! Deserted house! I don’t like deserted houses!
Larry: Why not?  They might give us dessert!

Moe: You had a hallucination!
Shemp: I had a hunk of pipe!

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