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Articles tagged with the name “Emil Sitka” – a very prolific regular with the Three Stooges, affectionately referred to as the Fourth Stooge

Three Stooges short film Blunder Boys (1955) starring Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Shemp Howard

Blunder Boys

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Three Stooges short film Blunder Boys (1955) starring Moe HowardLarry FineShemp Howard

Synopsis of Blunder Boys

In a parody of then then-popular Dragnet series, Moe, Larry and Shemp play the role of inept detectives, who after serving in the war go to college where they are inept students studying criminology, and after graduating (with the lowest possible honors) they try to earn their positions on the police force by capturing “The Eel” – ”but he’s too slippery!

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Flying Saucer Daffy - Joe takes a photo

Flying Saucer Daffy

Flying Saucer Daffy‘ is the last Three Stooges short film ever made. It stars Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Joe Besser as they retell the Cinderella story. Using a flying saucer instead of a glass slipper …

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Quiz Whizz - Joe Besser gets sick from eating a cigar

Quiz Whizz

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Quiz Whizz -One of Joe’s better short films with the Three Stooges, where he wins money in a Quiz show, loses it to swindlers, and it’s up to the Three Stooges to recover the money.

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