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Fling in the Ring

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Shemp, Moe and Larry in the ring in "Fling in the Ring"
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Fling in the Ring is a Three Stooges comedy short, starring Moe, Larry, Shemp. It’s a remake of Fright Night with ample stock footage.

Fling in the Ring (1955) starring the Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Shemp Howard)

Shemp, Moe and Larry in the ring in "Fling in the Ring"

New scenes

  • Big Mike playing practical jokes on the Stooges by having them smoke exploding cigars. Which finally backfires on him.
  • Moe’s fingers getting jammed in a door (“I think I broke my eye-poking fingers!”
  • Moe nervously swallowing and choking on a cigar when Big Mike sneaks up behind him.
  • The conclusion is different as well. Shemp knocks out the villains, but accidentally knocks himself out. When Moe and Larry try to revive him, they unintentionally revive the crooks as well! Moe and Larry then have to drag the unconscious Shemp away.

Cast of characters

Additional Cast


Funny movie quotes from “Fling in the Ring

Moe: [getting his hand stuck in a door] I think I broke my eye-poking fingers.
Larry: Good. Now you can’t poke us in the eye. [Moe pokes him in the eye] Ohhh! I had to open my big mouth.

Larry: [chased by Mike’s thugs] Hey, Moe, I just got one of ’em. He was standing right here where you are.
Moe: Was he a short, fat fellow?
Larry: Yeah!
Moe: Dark hair?
Larry: Yeah!
Moe: [taking Larry’s weapon] Did you hit him with that?
Larry: Yeah!
Moe: [hits him on the head with it] That was me!

Larry: Hey, that smells good. You got an extra cigar?
Big Mike: Sure, fellas, have a cigar.
Moe: Thanks.
Big Mike: [as they reach into the box, he snaps the lid shut on their fingers] They’re too rich for your blood. Sit down!

Big Mike: Say, come on, have a cigar, boys.
Larry: [protesting with Moe and Shemp] No, thanks. My fingers are sore from the last one.
Big Mike: Come on, come on, have one. I was only kidding. Smoke up.
Larry: You’re swell, boss.
[they light up; after a moment, the end of Moe’s cigar explodes, and Mike roars with laughter; freaked out, Shemp puts his down and, still laughing, Mike does the same; a moment later, Larry’s cigar explodes; laughing harder, Mike inadvertently picks Shemp’s up and, after a moment, it explodes and the Stooges laugh]
Big Mike: [chasing them out] Wise guys!

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