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They Stooge to Conga

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They Stooge to Conga (1943) starring Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Vernon Dent, Dudley Dickerson
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Synopsis of They Stooge to Conga

In They Stooge to Conga, Moe, Larry, and Curly are inept repairmen who are hired to fix a doorbell. Unknown to them, the house is secretly full of Nazi agents!

They Stooge to Conga (1943) starring Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Vernon Dent, Dudley Dickerson

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Review of They Stooge to Conga

They Stooge to Conga is a very enjoyable Three Stooges short, where they defeat Nazis during World War II. But with one really disturbing scene.

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Larry, Curly, Minerva Urecal and Moe in the house in "They Stooge to Conga"

They Stooge to Conga begins with the Stooges as repair men, trying to find work. It’s a funny beginning, with Curly getting turned down by young woman …. She turns out to be a fortune teller! Soon, they’re hired by a stern-looking woman (Minerva Urecal) who simply needs her doorbell repaired.

Curly Howard the electrician, doing his typical work in "They Stooge to Conga"

Once inside the house, it’s the typical Three Stooges mayhem, as they pull the wiring through the walls, trying to pull each other through the walls, etc. While they’re causing chaos, it’s revealed to the audience that the house is actually a base for Nazi & Japanese saboteurs, with Hans (Vernon Dent) as the leader.

Disturbing violence

Poor Dudley Dickerson in "They Stooge to Conga"
Poor Dudley Dickerson

Having caused the maximum destruction inside the house (including tormenting poor Dudley Dickerson), they take the mayhem outside. And, up a telephone pole – where the disturbing physical comedy happens. Curly is wearing climbing spikes to go up the pole. And the spike (seemingly) goes into the top of Moe’s head, his eye, and his ear.

Dealing with the Nazi

Larry and Moe find out that they've stumbled into a Nazi saboteur lair in "They Stooge to Conga" - Schicklgruber!
Schicklgruber !

Soon, Curly breaks into a second-story window, and Moe and Larry go looking for him. They find the radio room where the Nazis are communicating with a U-boat. And, where the boat can be remotely controlled. It’s an opportunity too good for the Stooges to pass up, and soon the submarine is leaping out of the water like a dolphin! It’s an obviously fake model — but still hilarious!

FBI, eh?
No, I be Curly!

Final fight between the Three Stooges and the Nazis (led by Vernon Dent's character Hans) in "They Stooge to Conga"

And finally, there’s a fight between the Stooges and the Nazis, that ends with the Stooges triumphant — and the end of the film.

Trivia for They Stooge to Conga

  • For years the “climbing spike” scene was deleted from this short. It was deemed too graphic even for a Stooges short.
  • The short’s title is a parody on the classic play, “She Stoops to Conquer”.
  • Moe calls the painting of Hitler “Schicklgruber.” This was Hitler’s mother’s maiden name – a common insult to Hitler.
  • The (model) footage of the submarine was also used on Three Little Sew and Sews.
  • Lloyd Bridges has a short cameo as one of the customers whose phone line is scrambled by the Stooges.

Funny movie quotes from They Stooge to Conga

Lady: The doorbell isn’t working. Can you fix it?
Moe: Can we FIX it?
Larry: Can we FIX it?
Curly: Can we?

Moe: Try this: why can’t a chicken lay a loaf of bread?
Curly: She ain’t got the crust!

Japanese spy: Oh, so?
Hans, the Nazi: So what?
Japanese spy: So.

Hans, the Nazi: Heil Hitler!
Moe: [dressed as Hitler] Heel!

Hans, the Nazi: When we find them, we shoot them between the eyes.
Japanese saboteur: No, in the back!

Hans, the Nazi: So, FBI, eh?
Curly: No, I be Curly!

Curly: Hello Ma? Hello Pa? It was a glorious battle!

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