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Three Stooges Collection volume 7

Three Stooges Collection volume seven, 1952-1954

Editorial review of The Three Stooges Collection Volume 7 courtesy of Amazon.com

What chills, what thrills! While the Three Stooges’ best days were behind them, these 22 slaphappy shorts produced between 1952 and 1954 demonstrate that the enduring comedy team still had a lot of hair-pulling, eye-gouging, and head-banging life in them yet. You can be forgiven a certain amount of deja vu when watching some of the shorts. Studio budget cuts necessitated the use of recycled footage. Booty and the Beast, for one, contains Curly’s now-poignant cameo in €Hold That Lion. Still other shorts recycled plots from the team’s Curly days (“A Missed Fortune” is a remake of “Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb“).

While none of these shorts rank in the Stooges pantheon or are likely to change anyone’s anti-Shemp bias (can’t we all just get along?), they are knockabout fun for die-hard fans. The highlights of this set are Spooksand Pardon My Backfire, the team’s pioneering forays into 3-D (two pairs of glasses are included). An engagement anniversary cake, water, fire, and hypodermic needle comin’ at ya are crude but effective. Other shorts offer sublimely surreal silliness. In Cuckoo on a Choo Choo, a T-shirted Larry storms around like a Marlon Brando wannabe, while a soused Shemp hallucinates a giant canary. The vaudeville tradition lives on in Tricky Dicks, with god-awful gags (the old “wooden leg named Smith” bit) and bizarre dialogue (“How dare you look like someone I hate,” a woman greets Larry). The political satire Three Dark Horses is a fine example of the classic Stooges formula, in which villains seek three patsies “who are too dumb to think and will do what we tell them. Now where do we find such guys?” Enter the Stooges. But others, like He Cooked His Goose, break convention by presenting Moe, Larry, and Shemp as individuals rather than a team. While the Stooges themselves may be showing their ages, the slapstick, expertly timed and exquisitely choreographed, never gets old. —Donald Liebenson

Product Description of The Three Stooges Collection volume seven

The Three Stooges Collection volume seven - 1952 - 1954

These 22 digitally remastered shorts from 1952-1954 were made during a tumultuous time for The Three Stooges. First, in 1952 Curly succumbed to the illness brought on by his stroke six years earlier; he was only forty-eight when he died. Shemp had really hit his stride by this time and he is at the top of his game in the new shorts from this period, but budget cutbacks at Columbia forced director Jules White to recycle some old footage, so although the work in this collection is first-rate, one can’t help but wonder what could have been done if they’d had the opportunity to develop more new material. Fortunately, this era did leave us with such classics as the Stooges’ first 3-D shorts, SPOOKS! (1953) and PARDON MY BACKFIRE (1953) ; SHOT IN THE FRONTIER (1954) a parody of the classic film High Noon ; and Larry’s hilarious spoof of Brando in CUCKOO ON A CHOO CHOO (1952). These shorts are all presented as they were projected in the theaters; some in widescreen for the first time since their original release. The Three Stooges Collection Volume 7 shows how the genius of Moe, Larry and Shemp rose above all obstacles and enabled them to be the best at their craft.

The Three Stooges Collection volume 7 Disc 1, 1952

  • A Missed Fortune – re-working of a Curly short Healthy, Wealthy & Dumb – The Three Stooges live the high life on an inheritance.
  • Listen, Judge – Three electricians are hired to find a short in the Judge’s house.
  • Corny Casanovas – The Three Stooges are all engaged to the same gold-digging girl.
  • He Cooked His Goose – Larry is a pet shop dealer who’s seeing Moe’s wife while at the same time trying to steal Shemp’s fiancée.
  • Gents in a Jam– Shemp’s rich Uncle Phineas comes to visit the Three Stooges who are broke and about to evicted
  • Three Dark Horses – The Three Stooges get into the political ring as crooked Kenneth MacDonald (later a judge on Perry Mason) hires them to cast the winning votes.
  • Cuckoo on a Choo Choo – Larry & Shemp are living in a stolen train car. Moe is the railroad detective hired to find the train car.

The Three Stooges Collection volume 7 Disc 1, 1953

  • Up in Daisy’s Penthouse – A re-working of the Curly short Three Dumb Clucks. Shemp impersonates his dad who is about to marry a gold digger planning to bump him off.
  • Booty and the Beast – The Three Stooges unknowingly help a burglar break into a house. When the boys realize their mistake, they pursue the thief as he makes his escape on a train. The ending uses footage from Hold That Lion which includes Curly‘s cameo as a sleeping train passenger.
  • Loose Loot – The Three Stooges subpoena attorney Icabod Slipp to collect their inheritance from their late Uncle, pursuing him to the Circle Follies Theater. This includes attorney’s office scenes from Hold That Lion.
  • Tricky Dicks– A top-notch detective spoof showing that the writers still have the stuff for a good comedy. The Three Stooges are detectives put on the trail of killer Slug McGurk.

The Three Stooges Collection volume 7, Disc 2

  • SPOOKS! – As pie salesmen, the Three Stooges are captured by a mad scientist and his gorilla. (both normal and 3D versions are included)
  • Pardon My Backfire – Bank robbers go to the Three Stooges’ auto shop to repair their get-away car, the Stooges hear a radio broadcast about the hold-up & suspect their new customers. (both normal and 3D versions)
  • Rip, Sew & Stitch – (re-issue of Sing A Song Of Six Pants with some new searching scenes in the shop were filmed using a double for Terry Hargen)
  • Bubble Trouble – (re-issue of All Gummed Up with 4:30 of new footage shot to change the ending.
  • Goof on the Roof – the Three Stooges try to hook up a television antenna wire to their friend’s TV set.

The Three Stooges Collection volume 7, Disc 1, 1954

  • Income Tax Sappy – The Three Stooges look income tax fraud in the face, culminating with a dinner that goes oh-so-wrong
  • Musty Musketeers – re-issue of Fiddler’s Three with some new footage at the beginning & end showing Moe, Larry & Shemp with their girlfriends.
  • Pals and Gals – re-issue of Out West. Slight story change with new footage of the Three Stooges, Larry ending up in jail & an escape using a covered wagon.
  • Knutzy Knights -re-issue of Squareheads Of The Round Table with some new footage.
  • Shot in the Frontier – In a spoof of High Noon, the Three Stooges have a shoot-out with three outlaws who are out to get them.
  • Scotched in Scotland – re-issue of The Hot Scots with a new opening scene of the Three Stooges getting their assignment to investigate strange goings on in Scotland

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